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lunedì 9 febbraio 2009

Rondo Veneziano

Rondò Veneziano
Real Name: Giampiero Reverberi
Profile: The "real" history of Giampiero Reverberi started in 1954, when he went to Milan, at the age of 15. In that city Gianfranco Reverberi, his brother, was working with the young and talented italian singers Adriano Celentano, Giorgio Gaber, Enzo Jannacci, as arranger for their songs and also for their tv performances. Giampiero was called to substitute him because Gianfranco had to serve the military, then they worked together for the italian label Ricordi. Later on they worked together for the italian label RCA. The two brothers, together with Nanni Ricordi, have to be considered the first "productive team" in a modern meaning. They are for sure the origin of the italian singers from the "School of Genova".

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